A rendering of the new high-end campground outside turn 1 at MIS.

Making room for a new high-end campground in turn 1, Michigan International Speedway (MIS) will tear out 21 sections of grandstands in 2018.

The cheapest seats are being removed – sections 71 through 111. Those tickets were between $38 and $84 for a NASCAR Cup Series race in 2017. Turn 1 has 40 rows of seats in each section, meaning 840 total rows of seats will be taken out, according to MLive.com.

MIS will tear out up to 21,000 seats, according to track officials. More than 50,000 seats will remain.

The release cites “facility optimization” as to why the seats are being removed. Despite the change, seats will be offered with comparable prices to the 2017 offerings, it added.

The high-end campground allows fans to go right up against the turn 1 fence at one of the fastest parts of the track. In recent years, cars have gone as fast as 220 mph into the turn. It will have more than 20 campsites, per track officials.

“We are excited about the enhancements for our guests in 2018,” MIS President Rick Brenner said in the release. “The new high-end campground, countertop seating and the new hospitality location will enhance the race-day experience.”

Amenities include paved sites, electric and water hookups, restrooms, a private game room and lounge, a patio with picnic tables, an outdoor game area, fire pits, a private trackside viewing area and more. It costs $2,440 for two adults to rent the site.

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