Mission Management is now allowing campgrounds to use its BookYourSite reservation program independently without having to also purchase the Campground Manager front desk management program.

“It’s pay as you go,” Peter Kearns, Mission Management vice president, said of the BookYourSite system, adding that there are no monthly fees. There is a small annual support fee, however. Parks also pay $5 per online reservation as a processing fee.

Kearns said about 60 percent to 70 percent of parks pass the $5 booking fee on to their guests, adding that consumers are increasingly making their campground reservations online.

“Flow through revenue (from online reservations) has doubled in the last 12 months without a corresponding increase in the number of parks using the BookYourSite system,” he said. “The public has really taken to it.”

Campers that book their campsites or rental cabins through the websites of Mission Management’s customers are automatically referred to BookYourSite.com when they click to make a reservation.

The camper then fills out their reservation request with their credit card number on the BookYourSite server. Once the reservation is completed, it is automatically downloaded onto the park’s Campground Manager property management system.

The park operator then has an opportunity to either approve or reject the reservation request.

Kearns said the screening feature accommodates park operators who want to be able to control which guests are allowed into their parks.

The park’s investment in the Campground Manager and BookYourSite systems varies, depending on the park’s size. However, a calculator is available on CampgroundManager.com that enables parks to estimate costs for their specific parks. For more information, visit www.campgroundmanager.com.