The Lincoln County Board of Supervisors on Nov. 17 voted unanimously to advertise for bids for the construction of a five-acre, 53-unit RV park in Brookhaven, Miss., according to the Brookhaven Daily Leader.
The tentative budget for the project is approximately $350,000, with a 50% matching grant of $250,000 from the Pearl River Basin Development District available for use as well.
Bids for the publicly owned park will be advertised in mid-December and opened and voted on in early January, officials said.
“It’s going to be neat out there. If we can do all that’s on (the master plan), it’ll be a nice place,” said David Fields, county administrator. “We’ll just have to see what the bids are.”
Civil Engineer Ryan Holmes with Duncan Engineering said his firm has worked closely with the multi-purpose facility commission to customize the RV park to the county’s expected needs. One park feature that has received close attention, he said, is size – the space available on the facility’s grounds and the size of the RV sites.
“We designed it to maximize the space they have,” Holmes said. “You’ve got campers and motorhomes that are very large, and they’re not easy to turn or back in, so when we designed it we took that into consideration. There are guidelines and standards out there that are kind of minimum standards – we’ve done at least that and sometimes more.”
Facility Manager Quinn Jordan said the project is the largest ever undertaken by the commission. He said the commission chose to move forward with an RV park because of its ability to generate revenue for the county and city – not only because of the usage fee, but because of the park’s expected ability to attract travelers. The community is located in the southwest portion of the state.
“We were looking for something that would have the biggest economic impact first,” Jordan said. “With the RV park in place, we’ll be able to bring in larger shows – shows that last multiple days – and that will bring in more tax revenue for both the county and city. When people stay here, they spend money here.”
Jordan said the RV park would not only serve the multi-purpose facility, but also the Hansel King Sportsplex, which will be connected to the park via cart path. He said the commission envisions the city being able to market activities at the sportsplex with the offer of adjacent fee camping.
Jordan also predicted the RV park would pull in travelers moving through the county on Interstate 55 and Highway 84. He said the commission plans to advertise the park once it’s complete.