Ozark National Scenic Riverways (ONSR) in southern Missouri is seeking an increase in camping fees that would take effect next year for the five developed campgrounds within the park.

These campgrounds are at Alley Spring, Big Spring, Pulltite, Round Spring and Two Rivers. According to ONSR, the proposed rate increase is necessary in order for park camping fees to remain comparable with local privately owned businesses, according to the Springfield News-Leader.

The camping fees have not been raised since 2008. The new rates would take effect April 15.

“Under the current rate structure the camping fees at Ozark Riverways are lower than some privately operated campgrounds, and we do not want to undercut these local business owners,” said ONSR Superintendent Bill Black.

“This rate increase will help us avoid that and will also help provide additional funding that will be used for on-going improvements.”

Proposed camping fees are as follows:

• Basic Family Campsites (limit six people) will go from $14 to $18 a night.

• Electric Campsites (limit six people) will go from $17 to $22 a night.

• Cluster Campsites (seven-20 people) will go from $30 to $40 a night.

• Group Campsites (15-45 people) will remain at $100 per night with no increase.

This rate increase does not apply to primitive campgrounds, which will remain $5 per campsite.

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