Big Elk Camp and Canoe in Pineville, Mo., is rolling out a new feature this year, Tara Tinsley, recreation technician at Big Elk Camp and Canoe, told the Neosho Daily News.

“We are open year round, but we have actually been putting boats out for the last two weeks,” she said. “Not a lot, but Memorial Day, of course, is when we really take off. We have all of our RV spots are 50 amps. We have great camping spots and there is a wide variety of camp spots.

“It is family friendly camping, it is a beautiful 20-acre campground,” said Tinsley. “There are a lot of amenities for family lifestyle. We are adding a petting zoo this year, we will have ducks, chickens, bunnies, donkeys and adding more every time. The petting zoo we have added because we are trying to really cater to the family unit. Family is very important to us. We have basketball courts, we have a covered pavilion. The brand new shower and bathrooms are very nice, with hot water.”

The family focus is an intentional change, FourStatesHomePage.com reported.

Just as fast as their business grew, so did the partying on site.

“With that, the business somewhat got wilder and wilder. A little bit out of hand,” said owner Pat Tinsley.

That’s when the family owned business shifted their policies to an alcohol-free zone. But their business dwindled as a result, leaving Pat Tinsley to come up with a different tactic.

“In the past, we have had different farm animals around and we see the kids enjoy it, and a lot of the adults enjoy it. So we are just going to put that in as a regular deal here,” she said.

The Tinsleys believe theirs will be the only campground with a petting zoo in the area.

“Our goal will be a family campground where people can come here and relax, and not worry about is it dangerous to be here, that type of thing,” said Pat Tinsley.

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