A proposed RV park inside a mobile home subdivision in Cape Girardeau, Mo., has some of its residents upset.

The Cape Girardeau Planning and Zoning Commission approved the proposal 7-2 during its meeting on Wednesday (Sept. 9,), according to the Southeast Missourian.

Mark Rademaker, who owns Five Pines Mobile Home Park in Cape Girardeau, plans on operating the RV park on the north end of his property. The mobile home park would be on the south end, as the city requested.

Rademaker plans to move 19 mobile homes from the north to the south side, bringing the total to 36 mobile homes. That would free up 50 pads for RV campers on the north end.

Each RV space would have access to Wi-Fi, cable, water and sewer. A picnic table and fire ring would accompany each space.

Rademaker said that with the exception of two tenants who have repeatedly failed to pay rent, he is not kicking anyone out of the park but rather moving them to a different area of the RV and mobile home park. He estimates the cost to do so will be around $25,000, which he is funding himself.

He said the project will not only generate additional income for himself but also enhance the area.

“This will allow Cape Girardeau to offer another option for vacationers who make this a destination,” Rademaker said. “The RV park is another way to improve the area where I live.”

However, mobile park resident Elaine Ramsey doesn’t see it that way.

During the meeting, Ramsey said she was concerned that the move could become a safety issue. Ramsey was one of four to speak in opposition to the project. Three people spoke in support of the effort.

“People will park there and live there and have kids running all around the park,” Ramsey said. “Trespassing could be a problem in the future.”

While Ramsey said she doesn’t have a problem with anyone in the park, she believes it could lead to problems with congestion, slower traffic and more accidents in the area.

“Travel trailers will take the neighborhood backward,” Ramsey said.

Richard Loos, who owns property to the north of the park, said he does not want travel trailers in his front yard.

“The area is supposed to be a residential area and not a campground,” Loos said.

Among those speaking in support of the effort was mobile home park resident Matt Ulrick. He said that before Rademaker purchased the mobile home park, the area lacked police presence. Now, Ulrick said, police patrol the area on a regular basis.

“Since Rademaker has owned the park, he has done a great job,” Ulrick said. “Those who live there can only reap the benefits of what Rademaker is proposing to do.”

Ken Eftink, director of development services for the city of Cape Girardeau, said moving RVs into town for extended amounts of time is becoming more popular. The other RV campground inside the city limits is Cape Camping and RV Park.

“It’s always been a problem here in Cape Girardeau to put RVs here,” Eftink said. “A lot of people now who are staying in Perryville or Sikeston may now choose to stay at the proposed RV park.”

The measure now goes before the city council for a public hearing and a first reading of the measure Oct. 5. If the council approves the measure, it goes before the council for a second and third reading and a vote Oct. 19.