MobileRving.com launches new website

Major changes are on the way at MobileRVing.com, all with the aim of providing a better experience for readers. The redesigned website, optimized for use on the road, debuted at the beginning of March 2018.

“We are basically recreating our interface,” said Brian McGuinn, SEPI Marketing’s director of business development, in a posting on MobileRVing.com. “We’ll merge the MobileRVing website with The Buzz as well as our social media platform MRV Connect. Our aim is to provide the best mobile experience for RV travelers, people who are always on the move.”

The social media platform, MRV Connect, already available in a beta version, is one of the most exciting features of the new design. “It’s a full-featured portal for RVers,” McGuinn says. “There’s a journal, so you can catalog your journeys, and a wish list of places you’d like to visit. The news feed lets you share your journey with others and see where other people in your network are traveling.”

Other features let RVers plan their journey, view campgrounds and resorts along the route, leave reviews, send emails to friends, and find nearby travelers. McGuinn stresses that the site’s privacy settings let you decide how much information you want to share.

MobileRVing’s RV resort and campground search engine continues to grow. “We have listings for more than 22,000 camping destinations in the U.S. and Canada,” Brian says. “In addition, we recently uploaded some 18,000 European destinations, and last month added more than 2,000 boondocking locations available for campers.”

According to McGuinn, MobileRVing.com’s listings differ from other camping websites in the wide variety of properties included. “We include everyone,” he explains, “state parks, private campgrounds, franchised resorts, recreation areas… We want to provide a complete repository of camping information that is updated every single year with the latest information.”

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