George Bailey tries to convince the Baker (Mont.) City Council to approve his request for a conditional use permit.

The Baker (Mont.) City Council unanimously denied the request for a conditional use permit by developer George Bailey, who is the managing member of the Eagle Landing RV Park, according to the Fallon County Times.

The property involved included 26.7 acres.

He was requesting a conditional use permit to establish a new 14-site RV park with an office/washroom facility.

According to Bailey, the purpose of the project was to meet the short-term residential needs of visiting construction workers and season hunters.

“A lot of the people that do the construction phase of the pipeline live in RVs during the period of time that they are here (in Baker). Consequently, all of the existing spaces were taken,” he explained to the board.

Bailey said that there was slightly more than one acre which could be used for RV parking.

“It was unoccupied,” he said. “Technically, I thought we could have put 30 sites there.”

According to Kevin Dukart, the city’s zoning administrator, the project had eight areas of non-compliance which needed to be addressed by Bailey for the project.

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