Urban Woods RV Park

The Urban Woods RV Park will see extensive landscaping before a planned opening later this year. Credit: Hungry Horse News

A new and unique RV park could soon be coming to Columbia Falls, Mont., along the Highway 2 strip, according to the Hungry Horse News.

Clark W. Griz and Tawnya Bingham have submitted a proposal for what they’re calling the Urban Woods RV Park. The park is unique in that campers who arrive actually rent the retro-styled RVs onsite. They don’t park their own.

The proposed park is immediately adjacent to the Columbia Falls RV park, but the two businesses are not affiliated, Bingham said.

All told, there will be 10 RVs for rent, which, depending on the size, will sleep two to four guests. The RVs have air conditioners, bathrooms and kitchens — some even have bathtubs. They’ll be hooked up to city sewer and water and will be marketed on vacation rental websites, Bingham told the Hungry Horse News Monday (March 28).

The RVs are manufactured by Riverside Retro and each one has a special color theme and decor, Bingham noted. She said she scoured the United States to find the units, which were primarily back East and had them shipped here.

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