Bighorn Canyon Horseshoe Bend

Bighorn Canyon’s Horseshoe Bend has made some improvements and plans to fully open on May 1.

Montana’s Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area is preparing for summer by installing courtesy docks at Barry’s Landing, Horseshoe Bend and Ok-A-Beh. The Kane boat ramp is also cleared and open, according to the Billings Gazette.

The Afterbay and Grapevine Creek campgrounds in Fort Smith are available, as is the Trail Creek campground at Barry’s Landing.

Bighorn Canyon has been making improvements at Horseshoe Bend, including the addition of 10 water and electric campground sites. The maintenance crew continues to work on the project and opened Loop B on April 16.

There are no utilities and the restrooms remain closed. Campers need to be self-contained at the moment.

The crew plans to have the campground fully operational by May 1.

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