Travel season in Montana is moving into high gear, reports KECI, and many tourists are packing up their campers and RV’s for a tour of the state.

Angler’s Roos, an RV park and fishing access campground, located near Hamilton, is seeing an increase in RV visitors. Manager Pam Thomas said she has seen more RV travelers at the campground than in the past five years. Thomas said they came early.

“They started arriving in March for overnight camping,” said Thomas, “which is not typical for us.”

She said they’re staying longer too, and they’re coming from all over the country.

Donna Pursifull and Gretchen Webb came from Florida. They’ve traveled all over the United States in their RV for six years.

“We’re in Montana looking for property (where we want) to settle down after six years,” said Pursifull.

“We’re both retired,” said Webb, “looking for a nice permanent home.”

The women said they will still travel, but they want a home base.

Thomas said she has seen more Montanans exploring their own state.

“I’ve seen a big influx of that,” she said.

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