Increasing numbers of Chinese are traveling wherever the road takes them.

The website “What’s on Xiamen” reported that with growing demand for recreational vehicles in China and consumers’ shifting travel preferences, experts expect a surge in RV-related business in Xiamen.

“More people are choosing to explore the countryside and hit the roads with recreational vehicles – a home on wheels,” said Cai Wensheng, the secretary-general of Xiamen RV & Camping Association. “The idea of packing bags and heading out for wherever the road leads is the latest trend among many outdoor enthusiasts.”

In May of 2013, Dayun RV Campsite, the first RV campsite in Xiamen, started construction on Xiamen’s Huandao Road.

“It’s the first time the RV campsite has come to Xiamen, and it will bring this kind of travel closer to the public,” Cai said.

According to Cai, at least five RV campsites will be launched in the city within 2 years.

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