A drawing of the proposed Love Creek RV Resort and Campground near Lewes, Del., has been superimposed on this photo by Ron Arthur for the Cape Gazette.

Editor’s Note: The following Letter to the Editor written by Greg Kordal, a Lewes, Del., resident,  appeared in the Cape Gazette, Lewes.

The Sussex County proposed 2014 budget delivered good news for residents with property taxes and sewer costs held flat or reduced. The primary causes were lower debt financing and continued strong realty transfer taxes. I wrote a letter to the Gazette earlier this year in opposition to the Love Creek RV Resort campground detailing the economic benefit to the county of housing development versus RV parks. It appears that the numbers continue to support this position.

It is worth repeating some of the factors that all tax-paying residents of Sussex County should be aware that low density housing is the preferred choice versus RV campgrounds. In that earlier letter, I displayed facts provided by the county finance department where housing delivered millions more in revenues to the county versus an RV site.

Houses pay realty transfer tax, RV sites do not: “Realty transfer taxes will continue to be the county’s largest source of income, with $16 million in revenue expected in Fiscal Year 2014, almost $3 million more than was projected in FY2013. That source is expected to rise thanks to an uptick in the local housing market, both in sales of existing homes and new construction.” “Sixty one percent of General Fund revenues are derived from realty transfer tax and property tax.”

These are quotes from the 2014 county budget presentation (www.sussexcountyde.gov). The STOP RV CITY supporters (www.stoprvcity.webnode.com) have written letters to the Gazette with concerns of public safety and traffic. The county budget general fund spends 55 cents of every tax dollar on public safety. If RV sites pay little or no taxes/fees, they will certainly be a burden on tax-paying citizens.

The Love Creek RV campground’s large transient population would likely be a stress on local paramedics, police and fire departments with kayaks, swimming pools, playing fields, campfires, tiki bar, plus all other activities. Who will fund those services — the rest of Sussex County taxpayers! We urge the planning & zoning and county council to vote no on the conditional use applications for the Love Creek RV campground. If they want continued strong fiscal performance for Sussex County, they need to make the right choice. Vote No!