Editor’s Note: Here are two more stories from campground owners from Maryland, which was hit by Hurricane Irene over the weekend. Both are members of the Maryland Association of Campgrounds.

From Russ & Jill Yates, Owners, Holiday Park in Greensboro, Md. (eastern shore):

Hurricane Irene packed a huge punch. We have numerous trees down. The river came up 3-6 feet and flooded half of the campground. Many rigs were damaged. Picnic tables and decking, along with a lot of campers personal items, are everywhere. There’s a possiblity of electric problems (now and/or in the future) — the transformers and meters were under water. Tons of sand has been displaced. Some of the roads were cut up pretty badly. In general, Irene made a BIG mess of things. The good news is everyone is safe, we survived and are still open for business (in the part of the campground not affected). I just hope the crew stays safe with all the cleanup that’s still left to do.

From Brian Goddard, Manager, Capitol KOA Campground in Millersville, Md. (western shore, near Annapolis):

Brian called in to let me know that his power went out around 8 a.m. on Sunday, and as of 1 p.m. on Tuesday, was not back on. When reports of Irene anticipated track was announced, they lost most of their campers to the far Western shore campgrounds When the Ocean City campgrounds were evacuated, those folks came to him. He was full Friday and Saturday nights, but once the power went out Sunday, many people left. For those who stayed, he charged tent camping fees!