Seasonal residents of Flagg’s RV Resort in York, Maine, listened to new plans for the park via a teleconference call at 3 p.m. Saturday (May 14), but must wait to air their concerns until arriving at the Webber Road campground this summer, according to one longtime patron.

Melvin “Bud” Riggs of Tulsa, Okla., who took part in the teleconference, said he has been leasing recreational vehicle space at Flagg’s for seven years. He expects he will soon be asked to leave, seacoastonline.com reported.

Morgan Management, the management company for Flagg’s, sent out letters in early March telling at least 10 RV owners to remove their vehicles by May 1, according to Riggs, who was not among those notified. The privately owned RVs are being moved to make way for new units being moved in and owned by the park, according to Riggs.

Riggs believes over the next two years Flagg’s will replace most, if not all privately owned RVs on its 80 lots with park models the park plans to rent for $1,449 a week, he said.

On Saturday, Robert Moser of Saratoga Springs, N.Y.-based Morgan management talked for about 15 minutes during the teleconference, said Riggs. Riggs said he didn’t know how many other RV owners took part.

Moser said over the telephone he would hear RV owners’ concerns individually when he met with them after they arrived at Flagg’s this summer, Riggs said.

“He mentioned he thought it would be a real improvement to the campground,” Riggs said of the new units. “We have the choice of buying one of these units.”

Riggs doesn’t know the cost to buy one, he said, but said that and a time-share option at one of the 50 different campgrounds on the East coast owned by the company represent more expensive alternatives than the situation he has currently.

Riggs and his wife, Pam Riggs, pay $5,000 to park their 40-foot trailer at Flagg’s year-round, and to live there for up to five months in the warmer weather, he said. Riggs is paid up until October, he said.

“We’re going to wait and see until we get up there five weeks from today,” Riggs said. “I want to try and pin him down to whether he plans on moving us out.”

Riggs wants to know the situation by August, so he can find other accommodations if necessary, he said.

Others at Flagg’s have moved to a campground at Wells Beach, which has made room for the displaced RV owners, said Riggs.

Moser has not returned phone calls for comment.

In March, the Planning Board expressed concern that Flagg’s new units are actually cottages rather than mobile, wheeled vehicles, which would represent a change of use requiring Planning Board approval.

Approval probably would not be granted under current town ordinances, according to Code Enforcement Officer Ben McDougal, who said last month he is keeping watch over what’s being moved into the campground.

Moser told Community Development Director Steve Burns that Flagg’s is replacing guest trailers with their own trailers and not cottages, Burns told the Planning Board in March.

If this is the case, the change does not trigger Planning Board or code enforcement approval, according to Burns.