Mother Nature

Delaware State Parks has crafted a creative promotion to lure campers to state parks over the winter.

In a website promotion depicting Mother Nature as a senior citizen donning a leather jacket, the parks challenge readers to “take her on.”

The website touts: Mother Nature doesn’t close up shop just because it gets a little cold out. She just puts on a different show – one that includes abundant wildlife, crisp, clear weather, and bragging rights for anyone tough enough to stand up to her. This winter, duke it out with the old gal at half off the full-season price, courtesy of Delaware State Parks. And if you don’t tell anyone that your cabin includes an efficiency kitchen with an eating area, bedroom, bath with shower, and, yes, heat, we won’t spill the beans, either.

Half-Price campsites, cabins and yurts are available at Killens Pond and Lums Pond state parks.

Get out and discover a new side of Delaware State Parks – the part that’s loaded with unique winter fun, without all the tourists. After all, Mother Nature doesn’t stay cooped up indoors all winter – why should you?

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