The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) are offering few details about an ongoing investigation at the Hidden Valley Campground near Hampton, New Brunswick. 

Late Monday (June 22), a large number of RCMP officers moved onto the southern New Brunswick campground, but have said little about what they are looking for. 

“There is enough information to trigger a criminal investigation,” said RCMP Sgt. Steve Gordeau. “Unfortunately at this point we don’t know how much of all that is factual.” 

On Tuesday afternoon, a single police car blocked the Hidden Valley Campground gate. 

Inside the campground, officers have been searching a wide swath of land. The search is apparently related to a series of tips the police received over the past few weeks. 

Gordeau said no one has been arrested, although there is one person of interest in the case. Gordeau said there’s no risk to the public. 

“There should be no fear whatsoever from the general public. It has nothing to do with anything ongoing,” he said. 

Owners of the campground say heavy machinery has been brought in and has been operating inside. 

The police won’t confirm if the equipment is being used or why it would be. 

Already booked campers were free to come and go from the site on Tuesday but no new reservations are being accepted while the search is underway. Police say no one at the campground is believed to be involved.