About 250 people marched onto New Brunswick’s Shediac City Hall on Sunday (July 16), to denounce the government’s handling of water quality issues at beaches in and around Shediac Bay as well as a proposed “mega-campground.”

Over the past few years, high counts of E. coli and fecal contamination have made it unsafe to swim in the waters surrounding Parlee Beach, Murray Beach and more. The provincial government puts up signs at these locations to advise the public on the quality of the water on any given day.

The government recently allocated $3 million to investigate the source of the contamination, and clean up the pollution.

Groups here say it’s not enough. They’re asking the government to put a moratorium on new developments — especially campgrounds.

The group was asking for improved water quality testing at Parlee Beach, in particular, as well as opposing a mega-campground that was proposed for the area. The campground, which would have at least 650 sites, is under review.

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