People will soon be able to pitch a tent, park a recreational vehicle or stay in cabins at the campground at Tanglewood Park near Winston-Salem, N.C., according to the Winston-Salem Journal.
The Forsyth County Board of Commissioners unanimously agreed Monday (Aug. 27) to use $2 million from the county’s fund balance to renovate the campground.
“We’re just ready to move forward,” said Commissioner Gloria Whisenhunt, the board’s chairwoman. “We’d like to see the campground open.”
The campground was shut down in 2000 because it needed repairs and was having problems with people living there for months.
One person was shot to death by a sheriff’s deputy in 1997 after he threw an ax at another deputy and refused to drop a hatchet and meat cleaver that he was holding. The incident raised concerns about safety at the campground.
But for the past year, commissioners talked with consultants about how to revamp and reopen the 26-acre site. It is unclear when the campground will reopen or what it will look like.
Consultant David Gorin was hired by the county last year to evaluate the campground, and he took commissioners on a tour last month.
He pointed out possible changes including a new campground entrance, store, cabins and restrooms. He said that RV sites would be larger and would have Internet access.
The consultant also has recommended that the county build a new swimming pool in the campground. But commissioners have questioned whether the park needs another pool.
Commissioners are also debating whether to hire a company to renovate or run the campground. Several commissioners have said that they would not be interested in hiring a company if it wants a long-term lease to run the campground.
Ron Graham, a deputy county manager, said that county staff will begin working to answer those questions.
Graham said that there is no timeline for completing the plans or putting out a bid on the construction work. Commissioners will have to approve the final plans.
“This vote appropriates the funds necessary,” Graham said. “This sets me up to determine the use of the campground.”