Cascade Lake Recreation Area in North Carolina’s Transylvania County remains closed this spring, much to the disappointment of those who have enjoyed its facilities in the past, the Transylvania Times reported.

The private campground, which was managed by the Cradle of Forestry Interpretive Association, closed late last year with no plans to reopen.

The Cascade Power Co. currently owns the 1,400 acres of land surrounding Cascade Lake on the north side of DuPont State Recreational Forest. Phone calls to the company were not returned. The late Charles Pickelsimer Jr. had shares in the company, and the property was part of a recent civil case involving Pickelsimer’s estate.

Two members of the Pickelsimer family are in negotiations with the executor of the Pickelsimer estate, David Albertson.

“The family members are negotiating,” said Albertson. “I just don’t know at this point, but we’ll probably know something by July.”

The North Carolina Supreme Court denied a petition in December for an appeal by the Pickelsimer family, effectively ending a five-year long legal battle between the family and various beneficiaries over the late businessman’s will.

Local residents who have used the campground for years are disappointed in the closure. The campground had 160 camping sites, a beach, a shop and access to two lakes.

Betty Bessette, who lives in Penrose, said she used to take her grandchildren to the lake because there is no other place close by where her family can play safely with other children. Bessette also mentioned that most other bodies of water in the county are swift moving rivers that are too dangerous for young children.

“Pickelsimer wanted the lake to be used by the public,” she said. “It’s a real loss; it really is in this county. It’s a charming place.”

Clark Lovelace, executive director of the Transylvania CountyTourism Development Authority, said the loss of the campground is unfortunate, particularly because Transylvania County didn’t have enough accommodations for travelers before the campground closed.

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