Person County, N.C., commissioners, in a split vote, gave their approval to plans for a new RV park just outside Roxboro that could eventually be home to as many as 117 RV and cabin sites, according to The Courier-Times.

The plans drew complaints from surrounding property owners who said they were concerned about the threat to public safety and the loss of value to their own property if the RV park was allowed to go forward.

Joe Berryhill, who was seeking permission from the county to operate the RV park, told commissioners the demand for this kind of housing exists in Person County.

“Our camping sites are booked during the holidays. There seems to be some belief that we are building this just for shutdown workers (temporary workers who perform maintenance on the two Duke Energy power plants). That’s not true. There are race tracks that bring people here, hunting season. This will be a controlled environment,” Berryhill said.

Neighbors, however, questioned those assertions.

“I feel as if this entire project was misrepresented to us from the beginning,” said Timothy McElroy. “An RV park suggests a family setting, whereas when you hear that it’s a shutdown park for Duke workers, I do feel that it’s going to have a negative impact on the value of my property.”

McElroy said commissioners should decide on the basis of how many people will be impacted by the project.

“The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few – or the one. I think it is supremely unfair to let one man negatively impact our neighborhood for the sake of profit,” McElroy said.

Other neighbors said the project doesn’t meet the findings of fact which are required to approve a special use permit like the one Berryhill was seeking.

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