N.C. Park

Carteret County commissioners Monday (Dec. 19) night rezoned the area outlined in red from residential to the recreational camper park district to clear the way for a major resort RV camper park just outside Peletier. (Carteret County map)

After about two hours of public comment during a hearing Monday (Dec. 19) night, the Carteret County (N.C.) Board of Commissioners voted 5-1 to approve a developer’s proposal to rezone 156 acres off Highway 58 near Peletier for a recreational park project, according to the News-Times.

Richard Farrington, brother of Jimmy Farrington and an Emerald Isle realtor and developer, said he is planning a commercial project near the planned RV park. He said there is a “hodge-podge” of businesses along Highway 58, “not real impressive,” and the new park would encourage more quality development.

“It will be one of the most beautiful things Carteret County has ever seen,” he said.

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