With the impending closure of WIlliston, N.D., crew camps, there was a discussion at a recent Williston City Commission meeting over the proposal that temporary RV camps used for critical infrastructure workers might be allowed to stay.

“I believe, in light of the situation we’re in,” said Williston City Commissioner Brad Bekkedahl, “it’s extremely hypocritical for the city to shut down camp facilities that are critical to one industry and then order an exemption for the city because we deem it critical for ourselves.”

The Williston Planning and Zoning Commission recommended the city staff form an ad hoc committee to wrap up residual articles from ordnance 1026. The city commissioners voted to approve the committee members.

The committee is to discuss whether temporary RV-type camps should be allowed in light of recent proceedings with the abolishment of crew camps. They would also discuss if more time than the Sept. 1 date would be allotted for site removal for temporary workforce housing.

“In the past five to six years we looked at critical infrastructure projects in a different light,” said Mayor Howard Klug on Wednesday. “The RV camps bring in specialty-type workers what work on high voltage electrical, for example.”

Klug said temporary RV sites have been a part of ongoing conversation, particularly as it relates to the seasonal construction company, Northern Improvement. According to its employees, the RV site is located East on County Road 5 and has been in operation for years.

Klug also stated that the city has an RV site located by the Granite Peak industrial site.

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