The Stutsman County (N.D.) Park Committee reviewed a contract proposal for The Dak at its meeting on Wednesday (July 17), according to The Jamestown Sun.

The Dak is a business operated by concessionaires Dean and Wanda Alber, who maintain Pelican Point Landing and Campground under contract from the county government.

The Albers have managed the park since 2016, and their current contract is set to expire on Sept. 30. The park committee’s contract offer will be for one year.

The committee made several changes to the previous contract, including shifting responsibility for electricity, garbage service and telephone service to the concessionaires and out of the county’s budget.

Nicole Meland, Stutsman County chief operating officer and auditor, said money for the county was tight.

“We are restricted with what we can do because we are truly restricted with our funds,” Meland said. “We’ve put away a lot of money strategically and that was very hard to do. We can’t just give it away and we have fiscal responsibilities.”

Meland said $200,000 has been set aside to help fund the Pelican Point project, a project leveling a large mound of dirt in order to create more space for cabins and parking. Meland said the funds had to be set aside in order to validate a grant from the Bureau of Reclamation, which owns the land, for it to match the county’s $200,000 before the grant expired.

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