There will be big changes coming to the way Williams County, N.D., is managing its campgrounds, after several incidents this summer highlighted the need for enforcement of what had been largely an “on your honor” system, managed by volunteer camp hosts, according to the Williston Daily Herald.

Better than half of the campers at Blacktail Dam did not pay the required fee in any given week, according to Rogene Ralph, who served as a volunteer camp host for the Blacktail Dam campsite this past summer. She was present at the Tuesday (Sept. 3) park board meeting to talk about several incidents that occurred at the campground during the past summer.

Among these, an oilfield company brought in a large barbecue grill and camper, serving several hundred meals out of it. Rather than placing it in an approved location, however, the employees drove it over a playground area, removed various equipment that was in their way, and took over that area in a way such that children could no longer play in it.

Ralph said some of the employees were also housing their dogs inside restrooms, and that the dogs left a mess for Ralph and her husband to clean up. A company official later called the Ralphs to apologize, and offered to send her money for her trouble.

“I don’t want money,” Ralph told commissioners. “But I told them they need to pay the county for the destruction they did with that thing in there for a week.”

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