North Dakota Indoor RV Park

The North Dakota Indoor RV Park, pictured shortly after opening in 2013. Forum News Service file photo

A large indoor RV park that opened in Watford City, N.D., in 2013 has filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court asking that state officials be forced to renew the park’s operating license, or in the alternative, pay the RV park at least $5 million, according to inforum.com.

In its suit, the North Dakota Indoor RV Park alleges that the park, which can house about 160 RVs, has invested $5 million in specialized equipment based on an expectation that state officials would continue issuing operating licenses “on the same basis” as the original license was issued.

The suit added, however, that in late 2020 the park was informed by the North Dakota Department of Health that the park’s operating license for 2021 would not be re-issued unless new “cost-prohibitive” conditions were met.

The suit also states that in March the park was notified its license would not be renewed, and continued operation would subject the park to criminal penalties.

The indoor portion of the RV park consists of ten insulated buildings equipped to house 160 RVs.

Each building is sectioned into eight bays, with each 50-foot-wide bay able to accommodate two RVs.

The buildings provide fire protection, carbon monoxide and smoke detection, and climate control for the occupants.

Water, electric and gas hookups are available for each RV lot inside each bay.

The outdoor aspect of the park consists of 60 lots with utility and sewer hookups.

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