Director of North Dakota’s Bowman Parks and Recreation Chanell Walby reported that three years ago they embarked on a mission to upgrade the individual campsites with the hope of attracting more campers to the area.

The Bowman Pioneer reported that at the time, the campgrounds had sites that were only accessible by backing your campers or RV into the spot, and the highest power outage offered was 110 watts, something Walby said hadn’t been updated since the 1970s.

Walby, who started in her position four years ago after managing a campground at the Ellsworth Air Force Base, said that the real start of the update began when they implemented camp hosts—campers willing to take care of the campsites and greet would-be campers—in exchange for free camping.

“I knew that to make a campground run better it was good to have camp hosts, somebody onsite at the location,” she said. “And we didn’t have it, it was more of an honor system.”

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