Indoor RV park near Watford City, N.D.

Just five miles north of Watford City, N.D., lies the first-of-its-kind indoor RV park that will provide relief to those living in their recreational vehicles.

The $4 million complex is owned and funded by B & H Construction and about five individual investors, with Neta Property Management overseeing the project and taking care of finances, the Williston Daily Herald reported.

Tyler Sperling, Neta Property manager, said that the idea first started when B & H Construction workers were discussing how they could make a future in North Dakota will living in their RVs.

The park will have 240 units available for RV owners to rent out. There are four lease options available: a year-long lease that costs $1,300 per month, a six-month least that costs $1,400 per month, a three-month least that costs $1,500 per month, and a month-to-month lease that costs $1,600 per month.

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