Campground owner Joseph Paradis has installed metal-topped dumpsters to deter bear visits to the trash receptacles at Moose Hillock Campground in Warren, N.H. The measures were implemented in response to a written request earlier this month from the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department in an effort to address ongoing bear conflicts, the Londonerry News reported.

“A recent visit by one of our conservation officers confirmed that Moose Hillock Campground has met the requirements outlined in the warning we issued earlier this month,” said Maj. Kevin Jordan of fish and game law enforcement. “We asked him to bearproof the Dumpsters, and he has done so.”

As a result of perennial bear/human conflicts at the campground, fish and game issued a written warning to Paradis on Aug. 1, advising him to address the campground’s garbage storage policies. Proper storage of food attractants is essential to minimizing conflicts with bears.

“The owner has complied with our request to install bear-proof Dumpsters, which is a major step in preventing bears from easily accessing foods in the campground,” said fish and game bear biologist Andy Timmins. “We appreciate the progress that’s been made and look forward to working with Mr. Paradis in a cooperative partnership as we resolve these issues together.”

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