Two new articles proposed to be added to the Roswell-Chaves County (N.M.) Extraterritorial Zoning Ordinance (ETZ) that would regulate future workforce camps and RV parks were recommended by 6-1 votes at a Tuesday (Oct. 15) night meeting of the Roswell-Chaves County Extraterritorial Commission, according to the Roswell Daily Record.

The chair of the group, Larry Connolly, praised the county staff for its foresight and work on developing the new articles, but he voted against both of them, Article 27 for workforce camps and Article 28 for RV parks. He said he did not think the county staff has the manpower or time to enforce the regulations without the help of the city of Roswell and wants changes to require city involvement.

The new articles are meant to provide guidelines to deal with what the county anticipates could be popping up locally as the oil and gas industry boom in southeastern New Mexico is expected to move beyond Lea and Eddy counties. In those counties, workforce camps, sometimes called man camps, and RV parks have developed quickly as apartments, rental houses and other lodging have filled up with oilfield workers.

The suggested ETZ articles are meant to ensure that new developments in Chaves County would be sanitary, safe and in compliance with state and local regulations. Also, development plans would have to be submitted by property owners and managers and approved.

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