For people at one New Mexico RV park, life is slowly getting back to normal after floodwaters forced an evacuation last month.

KOB TV reported that people are still digging out and counting their losses at SKP Ranch in Carlsbad. It was a dramatic helicopter escape, as over 60 of the camp’s residents were airlifted to safety as waters rose on Sept. 12.

“That was an experience. Never, never again,” said resident Russell Loomis, who was able to return to his home on Sept. 28.

“It’s great to be back here, great,” said Loomis.

The SKP park is still recovering.  Residents like the Gilbert family are still putting their properties back together.

“We have to fill in all the dirt and gravel that’s missing that got washed away,” said Kathy Gilbert.

And then, there were the personal losses.

“All our books, and photo albums, and memorabilia from our house are all ruined. Full of mud and we had to throw it out. So, we lost a lot even though we weren’t here,” said Gilbert.

Despite the damage, Gilbert calls herself lucky.  It just so happens, the day of the flood she wasn’t in the park, and neither was her RV.

“I think I would have been homeless because this is my home. I live in it full time. It would have been devastating,” said Gilbert.