Lisbon Campground

Staff members from Lisbon Beach & Campground were honored by the Lisbon Town Board for helping a stuck child in a swing. Pictured from left: Abbie Thompson, McKenna Gray, Gabi Kroeger, Jayden Williams and Isaac Larock. Hailie Addison/The Journal.

Five staff members from Lisbon Beach and Campground were honored by the Lisbon (N.Y.) Town Board for helping a child that was stuck in a swing set, according to NNY360.

On June 26, a child was playing on the Lisbon Beach and Campground when she got stuck in a swing.

“There was a little girl in a child’s swing,” said Campground Director Todd Miller. “The way they’re designed, there’s two little holes in the back. When she stood up her leg fell through the swingset and the other leg was bent and slid through.”

The five staff members — Gabi Kroeger, McKenna Gray, Abbie Thompson, Jayden Williams and Isaac Larock, worked together to get the child unstuck from the swing.

“When she fell through, she couldn’t get her leg back through the other way,” said Miller. “Our staff members tried water and liquid to try to get her out but she wouldn’t come out. My maintenance workers got a wrench and undid the chains. It didn’t work that way either so they got a pair of scissors. We let her mother use the scissors while we held the child’s skin away, we were able to cut her free that way.”

To give appreciation to the staff member’s dedication and hard work, they were honored at the Lisbon Town Board meeting on July 14.

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