The tiny house craze, a proliferation across the country of small dwellings on wheels, similar to recreational vehicles, could be brought to bear on a problem in East Hampton, N.Y.: the lack of affordable housing for seasonal workers.

The East Hampton Star reported that Ryan Chadwick, a restaurateur and entrepreneur who runs the Grey Lady restaurant in Montauk, is working with other municipalities with seasonal tourism, such as Aspen, Colo., on the installation of mobile modular dwelling units that can be brought in to house workers when needed. A lack of affordable housing in resort towns such as Aspen and East Hampton is a problem both for workers and for business owners who need additional employees during the busy season.

Chadwick’s company, Kondo, is building a prototype modular small house on wheels, and he has been talking with East Hampton Town Supervisor Larry Cantwell and other officials about a Montauk pilot program.

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