Town officials in Crown Point, N.Y., have committed to spending up to $285,000 to replace the town campground’s protection wall on Lake Champlain.

Half of the cost, up to $117,500, will be reimbursed by the state of New York, the Plattsburgh Press Republican reported.

The breakwater at the Monitor Bay Town Campground was severely damaged by wave erosion in 2009, and the project has been slated since then.

Replacement of the retaining wall at the campground will include electrical and water utilities for the docks attached there.

The town will issue five-year serial bonds for the project.

A construction meeting was held at the campground recently, Town Councilman Thomas Walters said, and work is about to begin.

The low bidder out of six for the project was Riznick Construction of Crown Point, which bid $224,000 for the base work and an additional $12,000 for electrical and water service to the docks.

The town will probably do a bond anticipation note now and issue the bonds later, Walters said. The final amount may be less than the $285,000 estimated as the project cost, he said.

“You pay the money up front and get reimbursed. It doesn’t lock us into that (total).”

The project will also have engineering and administrative costs, he said.

The original price tag was put at $235,000, which accounts for the $117,500 matching amount.

“The costs are higher than 2 1/2 years ago,” Walters said. “We have to spend, and they match 50 percent.”

Although last year’s flood from Tropical Storm Irene damaged the wall, most of it was done before the flood, Walters said.

The town nets about $15,000 a year from the campground, which has 42 sites.