Chiricahua National Monument in Arizona has done away with entrance fees, National Parks Traveler reported.

And, in part due to its remote location, 120 miles southeast of Tucson, the park has joined the National Reservation Recreation System so people can reserve a campsite and be sure one’s available for you once you reach the park.

“We are continually analyzing our operations to ensure these national treasures are fully protected and that we are also following best business practices,” said Superintendent H. Lane Baker. “After conducting a thorough cost-benefit analysis, we have determined it is in the best interest of both the park and the public to eliminate our entrance fee.”

Additionally, the park will no longer sell the America the Beautiful parks pass.

Chiricahua National Monument is home to the historic Bonita Canyon Campground. Traditionally, the campground has operated on a first-come, first-served basis only. Effective immediately, campers may now make reservations online.

“Camping in the park and enjoying the night skies at Chiricahua is a special experience. The park’s remote location means we are miles away from city lights, but it also means there very few overnight accommodations nearby. We realize that many campers prefer the peace-of-mind that comes with making a reservation to secure your campsite under the stars,” said Baker.

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