For the past several years, visitors have had an opportunity to wake up to the sun overlooking towering chestnut-colored rock formations at the Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park on the northern edge of the Navajo Nation (along the Arizona-Utah border) from their room at The View Hotel – the only hotel in Monument Valley, Indian Country Today reported.

The owners of The View Hotel, Armanda and Art Ortega, have now introduced a campground, called The View Campground, with cabins at the campground called “The Cabins at The View.” Located just north of the hotel, the campground has 29 cabins that exemplify a cultural retreat and vintage peaceful pleasure.

“The view captivates what we want visitors to see and experience,” said Armanda Ortega.

The View Campground also includes 30 RV spots and 30 wilderness campsites, which attracts outdoor enthusiasts who want to capture the essence of rustic living and a dust of authentic Navajo history. Ortega explained that the RV spots are dry and the cabins are fully furnished and equipped just like a private hotel room.

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