Midway Campground Resort - Statesville, North Carolina - CampspotMidway Campground in Statesville, N.C., recently released a full Campground Virtual Tour of their property, according to a press release.

The experience allows potential campers to travel the roads, look at the sites, inspect the inside of the facilities and click to book any of the available accommodation types. The Campground Virtual Tour is an exclusive product of CampgroundViews.com and is available on the website of Midway Campground: https://www.midwaycampground.com/.

“We are always looking to improve our marketing and information for potential guests,” said Randy Jenkin, owner of Midway Campground. “The CampgroundViews.com team has been supporting our marketing for many years and this technology has been very well received by our guests.”

As the macro environment shifts in a post-COVID world camping and RVing continue to be one of the more popular travel options for consumers, according to the release.

“Family-owned campgrounds, like Midway, are learning to adapt to this changed consumer with modern technologies like the Campground Virtual Tours,” states the release.

“The seamless experience is being heralded by campers as they seek destinations,” said Mark Koep, founder and CEO of CampgroundViews.com. “There is no other solution like this on the market because this is the only tool that was designed for the camper first.”