Much of Blue Heron Campground in Gothenburg, Neb., is underwater again, the Gothenburg Times reported.

With heavy Rocky Mountain snowmelt and rain, the Platte River has flooded the campground and other low-lying properties.

For Barry and Gwen McDiarmid, the floodwaters have forced closure for at least 11 of the years they have owned the campground.

This time was no exception.

Gwen said the campground closed last Thursday (May 14) when floodwaters entered the area. It will reopen once the water recedes.

In the meantime, they’ve cancelled reservations for what was going to be a busy Memorial Day weekend.

The McDiarmids estimate they lose between $20,000 and $60,000 in revenue from cancelled reservations when they are forced to close.

“And that doesn’t count repairs,” Gwen said, noting that wells must also be checked and disinfected and fixed if damaged.

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