Camp A Way has been located at 200 Campers Circle, southwest of Interstate 80 and I-180, for more than 50 years. City officials, however, are looking to potentially redevelop the site.

Lancaster County, Neb., board members recognize the county lacks rules for campgrounds, but commissioners Tuesday punted an opportunity to establish rules after a developer pulled back plans for a campground north of Lincoln, according to the Journal Star.

Members unanimously agreed to postpone a vote on proposed rules scheduled for Feb. 25.

“I think some more time to work on it is actually a good thing,” County Board Chair Sean Flowerday said after the meeting.

After a six-hour public hearing last week, the owners of Camp A Way, a campground near the junction of interstates 80 and 180, scrapped plans to relocate their campground to a site near U.S. 77 and Davey Road. A seeming consensus among county commissioners on some general campground rules appeared to be too much of a financial burden for developers.

When Camp A Way submitted its application for a site permit, planning staff — with significant input from the campground owners — crafted zoning rules to govern campgrounds in the county.

But opponents objected to those rules and wanted a task force to look at the issue, as happened with confined animal feeding operations after large-scale chicken farms were proposed in the county.

Several commissioners say a task force isn’t needed in this case.

“I think there were a lot more unknowns with (poultry farms),” Flowerday said. A public hearing on recommendations from the task force on confined animal feeding operations is scheduled for Feb. 4.

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