Plattsmouth, Neb.,  is one step closer to having a 28 1/2-acre riverfront recreational vehicle campground with its city planners recommending the city council pass a proposed amendment to the zoning ordinance and rezoning for the area, the Plattsmouth Journal reported.

Planners unanimously agreed to recommend to the council an amendment to the zoning ordinance allowing the creation of a recreational vehicle campground as a commercial use type conditionally permitted within a general commercial district and establish recommendations applicable to it.

“The zoning change is being recommended with the intent of creating a commercial recreational vehicle campground,” said Plattsmouth City Administrator Erv Portis. “They also recommended amending our zoning ordinance to allow for a commercial recreational vehicle campground in a general commercial zoned area with specific site regulations. We want something not so dense. We don’t want people packed in like sardines.”

If all goes as planned, Roger Schmidt and Mark Morehead will be the developers of the commercial campground and marina recreational area. It will include 86 lots for leasing and 65 lots for purchase for a total of 151 lots. The total investment is estimated at $2.6 million.

“The developers will run water, sewer and electricity to those 65 lots and sell them,” Portis said. “The city isn’t going to develop and operate this. It was always our intent to get this in private hands so the developers could make money, pay taxes and bring new people to Plattsmouth.”

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