Visitors to Nebraska’s flagship state parks shouldn’t notice changes despite a budget cut over the next two years. 

But those who like to venture off the beaten paths might encounter a closed restroom, no trash service or longer grass at smaller parks and recreation areas, according to the Lincoln Journal Star

The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission has decided to keep 29 of its 86 state park areas fully operational. Most of those parks are among the top tourism and outdoor recreation destinations in the state. 

“We have made a commitment that each and every region in the state will have two full-service parks,” said Roger Kuhn, assistant director in charge of state parks. “We’re trying to provide outdoor recreation to all areas of the state.” 

To meet what amounts to a budget cut of more than 5%, however, Kuhn said the agency will reduce staff, services and regular maintenance at many of the 57 other areas. 

The state’s top park administrator said all parks will remain open; none of the 86 areas will be closed completely. Also, no reductions in service will occur until after the Fourth of July.