Noise was the issue of the day at Monday’s meeting of the Washington Parish, La., Council, the Daily News of Bogalusa reported.

Sharon Klerk, a resident of Mount Hermon, addressed the council to discuss a noise issue at her home, located near Silver Creek Campground.

“I have no objection to anyone trying to make a living or to the campground in general,” she began.

She said the campground owners have bands on different occasions throughout the year. She said the noise from the bands is generally not a major issue at her home, but she has been told by other residents that it can be bothersome to them.

Klerk said her home was built 11 years ago and, to her knowledge, the campground has been in business about 10 years.

About three years ago, campground owners made a dirt pit next to the creek and at the northwest corner of her property, about 500 feet from her home.

“Imagine a motorcycle, with no muffler, riding in the street in front of your house, nonstop from sun up until well past midnight,” she said. “This is what I hear many weekends and holidays during the year.”

She said she sometimes has to leave the house for the day, and it is difficult to plan outdoor family events “because everyone knows they will be subjected to this nerve-wracking noise.”

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