A Massachusetts woman proposing to build a campground near Pickerel Pond in Laconia, N.H., says she’s undeterred by vehement opposition from the neighborhood, the Laconia Daily Sun reported.

Jill Miller of Chelmsford said Monday that she and the project are misunderstood, and that she’ll appear before the Laconia Zoning Board of Adjustment on April 17 with more specific plans for the 99 acres she is planning to buy near Parade and Roller Coaster roads.

Board members told her in a meeting on March 20 that she needs to provide details, including how many camping spaces would be included and how sewage will be handled.

Several people who live in the area spoke against the proposal during the meeting. They complained of the potential for pollution, traffic hazards and harm to property values.

“I kind of felt blind-sided,” Miller said. “I felt personally attacked. If they had so many concerns, why not pick up the phone and talk to me?”

She said some of those in opposition suggested falsely that she wants to build a saloon. Miller does not want to sell alcohol. She envisions a small camp store providing essentials to guests and the community. Food like hot dogs and pizza might be sold.

Miller said a well-run camping area in operation part of the year would be less intrusive to neighbors than other potential uses, like a subdivision with 17 homes, as is being suggested in an online ad for the property.

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