Click here to watch a video, courtesy of WHP-TV, Harrisburg, Pa., about neighborhood reaction to a proposal to put a casino and RV park in a Holiday Inn in Pennsylvania. A hearing on the matter is scheduled today.

“This is a nice neighborhood,” Scott Blumanstock, who lives near proposed casino site in Pennsylvania, told WHP-TV, Harrisburg.

If a casino/RV world happens near a Hampden Township neighborhood, people who live there fear it won’t be so nice anymore.

” I’m just worried about the people straying, coming into the property,” said Blumanstock.

Blumanstock would be able to see the proposed casino from his backyard. If developers, Penn Harris Gaming , convince the PA Gaming Control Board to grant them the remaining license, the Holiday Inn Hotel, off the Carlisle Pike, would include 600 slot machines, 50 table games and a parking lot full of RVs. Developers say it would create 300 jobs.

” Yes there would be more jobs, that’s a good thing but a casino here? Aren’t there better places for one?” said Carol Fridley, undecided about proposed casino, lives near proposed site.

While she is undecided, most neighbors CBS 21 spoke with say they don’t want it.

” It could be a major impact on the housing market, selling,” said Heather Beshore, against proposed casino, lives near proposed site.

Daniel Hooven also lives in Hampden Township. He’s signed up to speak at today’s hearing.

” My primary issues I want to present is point out the absence of due diligence on behalf of the developer,” said Daniel Hooven, speaking against proposed casino at the hearing.

Daniel says Penn Harris hasn’t done a good job at addressing how this casino/RV world will impact the area. And he’s collected close to 200 signatures of people, all against the idea.

CBS 21 News was unable to contact Penn Harris Gaming for comment Sunday.