Land Tech Land Planning, LLC has proposed a 38-acre complex to accommodate 60 park model cottages, 139 RV trailer campsites, 300 parking spaces and a 6.9-acre outdoor amusement park on the east side of Cedar Neck Road in Ocean View, Del., delmarva.com reported.

Though project designer Jeff Clark could not address specific concerns at this point, he suggested residents voice their concerns at a Sept. 6 meeting in Georgetown.

While residents within 200 feet of the proposed construction site have received details about the meeting in a letter from the Sussex County Planning & Zoning Commission, Clark said a paragraph is not enough information to form an opinion.

“It’s difficult to draw many conclusions from these few bits of data,” he said. “It’s critical (that) if someone is concerned, they don’t let their emotions get away from them and they attend the meeting to make an informed opinion.”

Traffic a concern

Among the most pressing concerns is additional traffic; residents are already disgruntled with the amount of congestion on Cedar Neck Road.

Jenny Johnston, 71, an Ocean View resident for 11 years, sent out fliers to homeowners in the neighborhood to warn them that possibly 200 more vehicles will travel to the campground daily.

“We already have congestion on Cedar Neck Road and Fred Hudson Road,” she said. “It won’t be able to accommodate all the incoming traffic.”

The project will generate about 160 more vehicles entering or exiting the road, according to site plans.

Traffic can lead to greater noise from the commercial retail activity of the prospective water park, as well as the people who live at the campsites.

The proposed campground would remove a little over an acre of forestry, according to site plans. Forestry currently covers about six acres.

There are both tidal and non-tidal wetlands on the property. Tidal wetlands span nearly 10 acres and non-tidal wetlands make up about five acres.

Protecting an investment

Residents also fear the mere presence of an RV resort will depreciate the value of their property.

Tracy Tkacz, 71, who has lived in Ocean View for two decades, complained there are already two campgrounds within a half-mile of where she lives at Cedar Landing.

“It puts the values of our houses down,” she said. “It’s mobile homes and campsites. People don’t want to buy a house near that. I wouldn’t.”

According to noise regulations in Delaware, “unnecessary noise and/or vibrations which may … jeopardize the value of property and erode the integrity of environment of the people” are prohibited.

Johnston said most of the residents in the area remain there for the whole year. Noise stemming from the RVs, a surplus of traffic and lighting will surely be a detriment to those who have invested a lot of time and money into making their houses a home.

“This is our life savings,” Johnston said. “We put all our money into our home. Who wants to move in and across the street see a campsite. Isn’t that a beautiful view?”

The Sussex County Planning & Zoning Commission will hold a public hearing on the proposal at 6 p.m. Thursday at the County Administrative Offices in Georgetown. That’s when residents can share their concerns and get answers to their questions.

“There’s always misinformation about an application that no one has had presented to them yet,” Clark said. “There is a 100 percent chance you’re going to get it wrong if you haven’t heard from professionals.”

The Sussex County Council will make a decision on the matter soon after a second public hearing, which has been scheduled for Sept. 25.

“If valid arguments are made, further adjustments will be made,” Clark said.