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Several residents in Beeville, Texas, are upset with the city over a controversial zoning issue. These residents claim the city has made a big mistake when they started building a new RV Park, located only a couple hundred feet from their homes.

Diane Slayton’s home is almost picture perfect. A lovely house with a field of wildflowers that bloom right next to her porch. But lately, her homestead has lost much of it’s charm, as construction suddenly began right behind her house.

At first, the Slaytons were excited about what change was coming to their quiet neighborhood. That is until they learned what was being built.

“So my husband went down to City Hall to find out, and he was told that it was going to be an RV park,” Diane said.

Diane and her husband are now against the project and have joined up with Charles Thomas who lives just on the other side of the construction zone.

“It’s been noisy since November. Bulldozers, big, big backhoes, no peace,” said Thomas.

And they are taking their fight to City Hall. Diane and Charles have started a petition against the RV park. So far, they have nearly 140 signatures, which they hope will bring peace back to this safe and quiet neighborhood.

Diane said, “I have no problem with change, but all this is zoned for residential use.”

Diane claims that an RV park would violate the city’s “R-3 zoning laws” which state that, “Travel trailers, campers and self-propelled motorhomes can be kept in a garage or carport, but may not be used for residential purposes.”

So, after a city council meeting in January, the construction was temporarily halted.

But Diane says it’s not just about her view, she’s worried about the neighborhood’s safety. According to her, RV parks don’t do background checks on their tenants.

“What we fear is that it is going to become the new low-rent area in town,” she said.

The TV station reporter went to City Hall to get a comment from City Manager Tom Ginter, but he said that he was far too busy that day to speak with the media.

Instead, he referred the reporter to the two attorneys working this case. Neither of whom called back.

Diane claims that the city manager admitted that the permit was issued in error during the last city zoning presentation. Now, she and her team say they will be attending the next several city council meetings to try and stop the 23-acre RV park from being built.