Pigeonholed as the vacation choice of retirees and lower-income families, the RV industry in Canada has an image problem, the Globe and Mail of Toronto reported. Recreational vehicles are not usually pitched as a dreamy, aspirational getaway choice. A new advertising campaign is attempting to address that.

Launched online this month, and coming to television in March, the campaign does not linger on images of RVs. Instead, the focus is on artful shots of sunlight streaming through the ropes of a hammock, and urban-liberated free-range children running through the mud and finding critters in the grass. The ads are designed to combat people’s negative impressions of RVs, and instead to lend them a more premium feel.

“Because we deal with this perception issue, one of the ways we can overcome that is showing the RVs in their natural habitat – these beautiful natural areas – and showing that’s accessible,” said Chris Mahony, executive director at Go RVing Canada, a nonprofit association that pools the marketing budgets of RV manufacturers and dealers to promote the activity.

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