Kim Cowan, long-time wilderness trekker, announced the launch of the Misabi Adventure Co. Operating on Lake Obabika in Ontario’s Temagami district, it is ready to host “glamping” campers this summer, according to a press release.

Glamorous camping, or glamping, is ideal for those who long for a wilderness or eco-camping experience, but don’t relish the tedious planning and packing. Your Misabi Adventure solves these issues. With large tents, comfy beds and chairs — and a dedicated and experienced guide—who cooks up delicious fare, and prepares for tomorrow’s excursion (custom designed for each client) — there is not much left for the glamper to do but thoroughly enjoy the experience.

As a long-time advocate of the preservation of one of our planet’s last stands of ancient white and red pine forests, Cowan has been canoeing and hiking its land and water for decades. “It’s long been my dream to share the Temagami wilderness with like-minded people,” Cowan explained, “and after years of brainstorming and planning, and with the attraction of the ‘glamping’ experience, it’s now a reality.”

Details and contact information are available on the website, at www.misabiadventurecompany.ca.

The plan was conceived years ago, but Cowan thought the time was finally right to bring together his intimate knowledge of Temagami and his lifelong friendships with its local guides and aboriginal residents to launch the Misabi Adventure Company. “Misabi” is the family name of one of the company’s guides, Alex Mathias. An Ojibway elder and native speaker, Mathias continues a 300-year tradition of living off ancestral lands.

Temagami is a region full of ecological significance, as it is one of our globe’s last stands of ancient red and white pine forests, and is steeped in aboriginal history — it is only a few years since 3,000-year-old petroglyphs were discovered.