A new 9% room and meal tax on New Hampshire campgrounds was passed by the state on Wednesday afternoon (June 24). 

WBZ-TV, Boston, visited a New Hampshire campground later in the day and found that this new tax could have some campers thinking twice about their trip. 

Ron and Claire Bogan love the great outdoors. But, lately it’s not just the rain that’s put a damper on their summer camp experience. 

“We are in a fixed income, yeah that (tax) is going to hurt,” Ron Bogan said. 

David Edgerly manages Great Bay Camping in Newfield, the Bogans were staying. He says with the poor economy, campgrounds barely have enough money to get through the season. A 9% meal and room tax increase could put many campgrounds out of business. 

“We charge $2,300 for a season now. It’s another $225 for the taxes that will wipe them out basically,” Edgerly said. 

Typically, room and meal tax just applied to places like hotels. Edgerly says his place is a campsite not a hotel. 

“We don’t provide a room. We provide a parking spot. It just seems they are trying to double dip. We are going to be analyzing it to see if it’s worth for us keeping this open,” Edgerly said. 

Ron and Claire have camped at Great Bay for 27 years. They say a 9% tax increase in these tough times is not fair. 

“It’s going to hurt, but I’ve been here for a while. I’m not going to pick up and haul off just because of it,” Bogan said.