Park Supervisor Randy Denter walks through tall tumbleweeds and brush to get to the Walker River.

A new state park is coming to northern Nevada, opening 12,000 acres and 28 miles of property along the East Walker River.

According to Reno Public Radio, the new Walker River State Recreation Area offers access to an area that’s been closed to the public for more than 100 years.

Park Supervisor Randy Denter says much of the property is comprised of old farmland. And aside from a giant home on the ranch, there’s very little infrastructure in place for visitors.

“We have no campgrounds, so we got to put in campgrounds. That comes with all the utilities you need,” he says. “So, the water and the power and the septic and the sewer. We need roads. When it comes to getting the park ready, we need the most basic things you wouldn’t think of: phone, Internet, signage.”

That’s a tall order, especially compared to what campers used to expect.

“Back in the 1950s, ’60s, ’70s, your typical camper would be in a tent out in the dirt,” Denter says. “And if you had a tap of water that was close by, that was great and that was one of those awesome amenities.”

While plans can change, the goal is to have primitive campgrounds available this spring, with construction of full hookup campsites and RV camping beginning this summer. Crews also hope to offer cabin rentals near the river as early as this fall.

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